A Legacy of Business Innovation and Networking in the Technology Industry


OPDA was founded in the mid-70’s by a group of business owners with the purpose of sharing common business philosophies and strategies in running a business. Membership met at annual meetings to discuss challenges associated with running an independent business.

The original product focus was the office equipment industry of the mid-70’s and the services associated with that equipment.

As the beginning of the computer industry developed OPDA members were engaged with focus on personal computers, laser printers, desktop software applications, training and networking. Many of our members were key companies during the development of the IT industry and made a significant impact not only on our organization but the industry as a whole.

As the industry continued to evolve with networking advancement our membership evolved to become prominent leaders in networking with companies like Novell, 3Com, Microsoft, Banyan Vines and many others. We bonded together as the distribution channel exploded and the move from aggregators to distributors became the prominent purchasing method.

As the technology industry continued to evolve so did OPDA, focused not on individual technologies but rather on what business owners and senior leadership of those companies need most, a strong-unbiased sounding platform.

The modern OPDA group has memberships with a wide variety of technology focus. Current members have specialties such as cloud providers, managed service providers, hardware resellers, software resellers, manufacturer services, custom software and brand identification. Our organization today has members from across the United States.